Snoring Check is a cloud-based service that consists of recording and analyzing snoring sounds during sleep using Animo’s proprietary sound analysis technology(*1).
This new, non-invasive method was developed by Animo under the supervision of Prof. Kimitaka Kaga, an authority in the area of otorhinolaringology.
(*1) Pending patent

Main Features

1. Non-invasive method

The occurrence of snoring during sleep can be detected by the user him(her)self (3 hours of recording at home) using his or her smartphone, in a completely non-invasive way.

2. Recording the initial sleeping sound

Snoring is known to happen at the beginning of the sleeping. In this service, the user starts recording before getting asleep, and the recording continues for 3 hours. Thanks to our proprietary analysis technology, the recorded sound is stored in the smartphone while the parameters extracted from the snoring are sent to a server. The cloud-based server takes care of detailed snoring detection and data storage.

3. Displaying peculiar snoring intervals

Snoring intervals exhibiting particular features are displayed and can be played back.

4. Daily conditions memo

A feature permits registering sleeping hours, health conditions, and whether or not the user drank alcohol before going to bed, which is a useful feature for controlling the user’s health.

Service Specifications

Way of deployment Smartphone application
Accessed from NTT docomo’s sp-mode® menu site
iPhone Application
How to access Service only in Japan. Search “ZooZii” on App Store
Supported devices Android smartphones
*Detailed information related to supported devices can be found in the site

Example of Service Screen

① TOP Screen
The days when the Snoring Check was performed and the respective results can be viewed at a glance. To see detailed results, tap on “See Results” and the “Results” screen is shown.

② Recording Screen
Tapping on “Record” starts recording, which lasts for 3 hours.
With the daily conditions memo feature, one can register information such as level of fatigue, amount of exercise, volume of alcoholic beverage, etc.
③ Results Screen
The volume of 3 hours of recorded sound is displayed in a graph. The level shown in the graph represents volume, but that includes others sounds in addition to snoring.
Intervals shown in orange in the graph are those classified as snoring, and the exclamation marks (!) indicate those intervals that deserve further attention (up to 5 intervals are shown).
◆Snoring Time Ratio
Indicates the ratio of time detected as “Snoring” by the analysis.
◆Number of Snoring Interruptions
Indicates the number of short interruptions (up to 1 minute) that occurred amidst those periods classified as “Snoring” by the analysis.

Prof. Kimitaka Kaga’s Profile

Born in Hokkaido
1971 Graduated from the University of Tokyo, School of Medicine,
Joined University of Tokyo Hospital, Otolaryngology
1983~1985 Jefferson Medical College, UCLA Brain Research Institute
1992 Professor, Department of Otolaryngology, University of
Tokyo, School of Medicine
2000 Director, Center for Research on International Cooperation
in Medical Education, University of Tokyo
2004 Chairman, Japan Society of Ear
2007 Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo
Director, Tokyo Medical Center Clinical Research Center (sensory organs)