Speech technologies provide new value in a variety of information systems

Using its rich IP and experience in speech technologies and IT, Animo provides high-quality speech processing middleware. Animo’s speech technologies are making substantial contributions in several areas of our personal and professional lives, from smartphones and other mobile devices to digital appliances, Internet, in addition to public disaster prevention and safety information systems.

Product list

Animo Wave Base
Acoustic and Vibration Analysis

AnimoWaveBase is a vibration and acoustic analysis solution for preventive maintenance of industrial and infrastructure facilities. It makes use of our expertise in signal processing to detect signs of failure, contributing to prevent operation halts as part of an IoT/M2M solution.

Speech Synthesis

FineSpeech is Japan’s most sold speech synthesis software, running in a large variety of CPU and operating systems. Ranging from a small footprint version that still keeps a high level of clearness to a high-end version that sounds as natural as human speech, FineSpeech can be customized to meet your needs. FineSpeech is used in various scenes such as in automatic reading for deployment of information related to disaster prevention, safety, traffic, e-books, smartphones, car navigation systems, and also dialog systems for interaction between humans and robots.

Speaker Authentication

VoicePassport is a biometric authentication technology based on voice. This technology permits authenticating a person from his or her voice. We offer two authentication methods: the keyword method in which a previously defined keyword is used, and the free-word method in which the authentication is based on free utterances. The authentication provides secure access to personal databases, logging into e-learning systems, telephone banking, and other telephony services.

Speech signal processing

VoiceBase is a speech digital signal processing library. We offer in this library most of the basic speech signal processing functions that are necessary for handling speech in information systems such as analysis, compression, synthesis, noise reduction, speed change, equalizing, etc.


VoiceTagging is a speech and speaker recognition technology which recognizes the keyword as it was spoken and is speaker-dependent. The keyword can be mapped to execute a function directly such as reading e-mails, etc.
Key advantage of this function is a language-independent.

Sound Hoppping

SoundHopping technology makes it possible to embedded information in sound.
Information broadcast needs only a sound source and a speaker. Only a smartphone is needed for the detection. Information redundancy is used to achieve a high level of robustness against noise.