Improving the service level of call centers using speech technology

Based on the idea that speech is the basis of human communication and that call centers constitute a company’s contact forefront, Animo regards the call center area as an important market for speech technologies. Focusing on two aspects of speech (linguistic or content-related, and non-linguistic such as voice stress and timbre, etc.) we use our proprietary speech and acoustic analysis technologies to offer next-generation solutions for call center VOC analysis and business efficiency in 3 areas: voice logging, word retrieval, and speech analysis.

Product list

VoiceTracking Server
Voice logging

This voice logging solution permits precise and fast sharing of all the contents and nuance in the customer’s precious voice. Our actual implementation cases include 450 companies totalling 50,000 seats. VoiceTracking includes special functions such as “sound tags” on the logged voice, fast and slow playback using speaking rate change technology to facilitate listening, real-time monitoring, and chasing playback.

VoiceTracking KeywordFinder
Speech recognition/search

Using word-spotting speech recognition technology, relevant words such as prohibited terms and marketing-related words in large logged data or live telephone calls can be retrieved and visualized, resulting in shorter monitoring time and lower cost, improving compliance management efficiency KeywordFinder is offered in two versions: the server version, suitable to existing data files, and the client version, suitable to streaming conversations.

Speech analysis

We perform automatic analysis of large logged telephone speech data including dialog analysis, keyword search, speaking rate detection, voice stress detection, nodding count analysis, etc. Quantitative evaluation of speech makes it possible to evaluate call center agents in an objective way. It may also help improving business or perform market-oriented analysis (VOC – voice of customer).

VOC Analyzer
Voice mining

We analyze and quantify personal character information from the customer features included in the call recording data. Personal analysis analyzes gender, age, weight, and stature in character analysis to estimate behavior (positive and negative), thinking (introverted and diplomatic) information. We are able to automate our customer classification, effectively implement measures such as reducing marketing costs, channel consideration for customer attributes, and matching operator compatibility.

DTMF recognition
Push-tone input

This software accurately recognizes DTMF signals (also known as “tone” or “push” signals). It permits using push-type telephone lines to input numbers. The software is used for user ID and password input in IVR systems and voice portal systems, for primary service routing of incoming calls received by call centers and help desks, etc.